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Caritas partners launch toolkit ‘Reaching Out’ to older people
On 4th December staff from Caritas Salford’s Older People’s Service joined Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Bishop John Arnold and Bishop Terence Drainey, along with professionals working with older people, for the launch of the Caritas Embrace toolkit Reaching Out. The toolkit is a result of a two-year project that Caritas has been delivering with other partners to
Cornerstone volunteers remembers colleagues past and present
Volunteers gathered last Saturday for the bi-annual celebration of Mass to remember past and present supporters of Cornerstone Day Centre. The main celebrant, Fr Ged Murphy is the Episcopal Vicar for Caritas and takes a great interest in the welfare of staff, volunteers and service beneficiaries working there. As Advent begins a new Church year,
Bishop John Arnold joins Faith Leaders to issue pre-election statement
On Tuesday, 19th November 2019 Faith Leaders from Greater Manchester including Bishop John Arnold issued a statement in advance of the General Election that will be held Thursday, 12th December 2019. “We are privileged to live in a secure and democratic society.  We have the freedom to vote for who governs us. We encourage all
Caritas and the Diocese of Salford working with Citizens
A good representation of Caritas parishioners came together for the Manchester Citizens planning meeting on the 19th November at the Methodist Hall. Citizens had 70 fantastic local leaders all focusing on building relationships and the power of communities to work together as we build a civil society agenda for our Mayoral Assembly in April 2020,
Deaf and Fellowship of Disabled People celebrate World Day of the Poor
World Day of the Poor on the 17th November was celebrated at St John the Baptist parish in Burnley with Bishop John Arnold. A signed Mass with a signing choir ensured no one was left out and everyone was included in a rich liturgy full of symbolism and energy. The World Day of the Poor
Caritas tackling low pay through the Living Wage Foundation
Caritas and the Diocese of Salford are proud to be members of the Living Wage Foundation, supporting the clarion call for more employers, especially within the Diocese borders, to join too and ensure they go beyond the government’s minimum wage and pay their staff enough to live on. In November the Living Wage here rose
Belonging: A Challenge for the Church in a Diverse Society
The Conference was an opportunity for Catholics from across England and Wales to share ideas and experience on how we can help new and marginalised groups feel they truly ‘belong’ in UK society. Representatives from fifteen dioceses, various CARJ networks and other Catholic organisations attended. The day began with a brief historical reflection. For the
Bishop John Encourages Support for Citizens
Greater Manchester Citizens recently held workshops on a wide range of issues that concern us all that included Child Poverty, Clean Air, Hate Crime and more. A special thank you was expressed to Bishop John Arnold and Caritas Diocese of Salford for their support and to Bishop John in particular for joining the Citizens planning
In Plain Sight: Conference on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
Caritas Social Action Network hosted a major Catholic Conference on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery on 15 October at CCLA in London. The Conference, entitled In Plain Sight – Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, created the opportunity for 76 representatives from across the Church in England and Wales to share and reflect on experience
Refugee Resettlement Awards
“Every one of the refugees who has come to this country through sponsorship is a remarkable person. What a wonderful, positive evening. Fantastic to hear people’s stories and celebrate their achievements”. Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) The Sponsor Refugees awards ceremony on 8th October 2019, organised via Citizens UK pays tribute to the refugees and sponsors
The Story of Cornerstone Day Centre
Cornerstone grew from a collaboration of the Diocese of Salford with Canon O’Connor, the Daughters of Charity and several benefactors who, with fairly modest resources, established the provision. Cornerstone received its first beneficiaries in 1991. Five or six years later it had grown at St Augustine’s Parish to two port-a-cabins, a clothing store and a
Parish Representatives Come Together For The Common Good
Saturday, 21st September saw the Caritas Parish Representatives meet once again to discuss their progress galvanising their parish communities to be more engaged with social change. Speakers included Catholic Social Teaching Trainer Kathryn Ansley and Rachel Taylor, our new Trust & Grants Officer who joined Caritas over the summer. The event also saw training given
Bishop’s Award Winners Enjoy Tea at Wardley Hall
Bishop John recently welcomed the latest winners of the Caritas Bishop’s Awards to Wardley Hall. The Bishop thanked and congratulated them on putting faith into action and stressed the importance of continuing to develop their work in caring for our common home. The award winners were: The Caritas Ambassadors at St Winifred’s Primary School in
Parish Social Action: What an inspirational day!
Over 150 parish delegates from all over the Diocese of Salford filled Holy Cross College, Bury, on Saturday, 6th July to celebrate Hope in the Future. Hope in the Future is the parish-based programme re-energising the Diocese of Salford and encouraging the faithful to become ‘missionary disciples’ by reaching out to their local communities and
First Anniversary Party for Resettled Family
It’s just a year ago that Mohamad, Fatima and their children flew into Manchester Airport to be greeted by the parishioners of St Mary’s that had come together to create a Community Sponsorship Group to welcome a refugee family to Burnley. One year on and the family are thriving, learning English, making friends and keen
Volunteers Turn the Wheels Of Cornerstone
The Cornerstone Volunteers Mass on Saturday 29th June drew in over 100 people, mainly volunteers and supporters to give thanks for the work with homeless and destitute people, refugees and asylum seekers in the heart of Manchester. The opening hymn captured the essence of the service: We are pilgrims on the journey, We are travellers