Accessibility Service

It’s important to us that as many people can access our services as possible – everyone is welcome.

We also work with local parishes and other groups from across Greater Manchester and Lancashire to improve accessibility and offer a range of services to support people from some of those communities too – from training to advice and practical ways to make your community, organisation and services more accessible.

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We seek to welcome, integrate, and support the participation of all people by making our projects accessible.

If people do face barriers because of a physical, mental, emotional, learning, sensory and/or communications need we strive to work alongside individuals to find inclusive ways of working that suit people best.

From June 2022 Caritas employed an accessibility coordinator to begin the work of ensuring that we are accessible to all who want to attend our projects and join in our activities.

The Catholic Fellowship funded 50% of this role and act as a valuable link within the diocese. During this period, people have been supported to increase their knowledge and understanding of what constitutes accessibility needs and our responsibilities to support them.

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Clergy and parishes are encouraged to get in touch for support in improving accessibility for people in our local communities.

The Church teaches the value of all human life as equal, sacred, and worthy of dignity and respect.

We’re seeking to identify unmet accessibility needs to develop plans in partnership with those affected to help remove and overcome these barriers.  Research shows that: 

  • Approximately 45% of pension age adults are disabled  
  • 1 in 5 disabled people avoid going out to ‘social’ gatherings because of negative attitudes and behaviour
  • Disabled people are nearly three times more likely than non-disabled people to feel lonely ‘always’ or ‘often’ 
  • The average household with at least one person who is disabled faces £975 a month in extra costs.

How many people in your parish could this impact?  The smallest change can make a world of difference. Contact Minna using the details below if you’d like to discuss accessibility needs, whether for buildings, events, people or how people are able to access sacraments. Discussions are discreet and have no cost to the person contacting.

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“I learnt so much about how deafness affects a person and how important it is for us to become inclusive and have sign language as part of our parish, community and life.”

Accessibility session attendee

Help more people to access the support they need now:


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Where to find us

Caritas House, Nobby Stiles Drive, Collyhurst, Manchester, M4 4FA


(Please do not send confidential information to this email address)

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