Children, young people & families

Working in schools, supporting families in crisis, being there for young parents and their babies and helping those experiencing isolation, discrimination or disadvantage – our work with children, young people and families spans a wide range of services.


children and young people were supported by our schools service last year.


family support sessions were also run by our schools team


of other babies, children, young people and families were supported across our wide range of services in the last twelve months too.

We have a range of services that support children, young people and families experiencing crisis, poverty, isolation and disadvantage in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

Our locations

Where we can help

Outline of Greater Manchester and Lancashire locations where Caritas services operate

Our name – Caritas Salford – is reflective of the fact that we’re the domestic social action charity of the Catholic Diocese of Salford.

Our reach though, spans not just Salford, but right across the diocese, taking in most of Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire too.

We’re really proud to be able to work in the heart of communities across our area.

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“Having a Caritas worker means I can concentrate more of my time and energy on the school learning and education aspects of what I do…There is someone else to work with who often knows the families and children, and, even if they do not, they can assist and have greater familiarity with the processes and knowledge of how to complete safeguarding or other assessments.”


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