Donate in memory



Make a donation and leave a dedication in memory of a loved one.

Funeral Collections 

Create an online collection for a loved one’s funeral.

Create a memory page and tribute fund

Remember a loved one by creating a memory page and tribute fund in their name.

Where your money goes

It costs £12,000 per day to provide the level of service and support being delivered in Caritas projects across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Which means that everyone who needs it is able to access urgent practical help required, as well as any advice and support that will help them for the long term.

Every single donation matters because it means nobody is turned away or left behind.

These are just some examples of how your donation could be used to provide critical support – right now – or help someone begin to transform their own life with dignity.

  • £30.06
    is the cost of professional support to someone facing a crisis
  • £107.50
    is the average cost of a weekly shop for a family of four people
  • £112.16
    is the average energy bills for a month for a 2-3 bed home
  • £1,500
    is the cost to sponsor one of our rooms for a year, preventing someone from being homeless

How your donation in memory has a lasting impact on someone’s life

Hannah was pregnant when she needed to flee an abusive relationship.  At risk of homelessness, she arrived at our accommodation for young parents with few belongings and feeling very overwhelmed.

Read their story

Wooden toys on carpet

Other ways to donate

  • Lady in red apron sorting clothing on shelves

    We operate services with the help of funds donated from our wonderful supporters.  If you prefer to make a gift in-kind or collect practical goods, please choose from our list of urgently needed essentials.

  • Close up of birthday candles

    Give thanks for special occasions, everyday blessings and prayers answered, whilst supporting local people in crisis. Give the world something to celebrate.

  • Hands with orange cardigan showing holding pen and signing Will document

    Caritas means love in action. There is no better way of ensuring your love lives on through practical action than by leaving a gift in your Will to Caritas Salford. Find out how to do that today.

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