School Service

Our School Service team has decades of experience working alongside local schools to provide social work, counselling and therapy support.

As an extension to the in-house team at the school, we remove barriers to learning and participation, nurturing the development of children and their families through enabling and empowering them to develop new skills and knowledge.

The support we provide is tailored to the needs of each individual, providing a bespoke package which can address a range of areas, including behaviour, supporting bereavement, emotional wellbeing, anxiety and confidence.

Whether throughout the term, or as an expert to support through times of crisis, complex cases and safeguarding issues, we are here to help.

Read more about the service by clicking here now to read our leaflet.

school uniform folded and laid on a grey floor including blue cardigan white shirt shoes

children and young people were supported by our service last year.


one-to-one sessions were delivered to children and young people too.


family support sessions were also carried out.

red playground with a close up of a purple slide and a brightly coloured childs chair and table in shape of mushrooms

The number of children in our area requiring the support we provide has significantly increased.

We currently work with primary and high schools in Greater Manchester and Lancashire to support children and families locally.

In the last year we’ve also continued to reach thousands of children in our local communities with a combination of specialist group interventions, one-to-one direct work with children, and family support sessions and interventions.

As a safe, independent choice, we offer flexible patterns of work to meet budgetary requirements ensuring a bespoke offering that supports the needs of individuals and organisations.

We support schools in maintaining their focus on education by providing targeted interventions and additional help where a child is struggling emotionally or behaviourally.

We support children to overcome barriers to fuller participation and learning in school, to give a greater sense of achievement and enjoyment in all aspects of school life.

Building their confidence also enables them to develop their social and communication skills.

Our work has a real long-term impact for schools, supporting them in achieving their mission and vision.  We can also work with staff to help them upskill and increase their knowledge and expertise too.

Wooden blocks and toys on a beige carpet
red playground with a coloured childs chair and table in shape of mushrooms

We also support schools staff with assessing the needs of children and young people who may need ongoing support in place or who may be at risk of abuse or safeguarding issues.

We help find the right services and support schools with processes and access to additional resources as needed. Team Around the Family meetings, for example, can be invaluable when making a plan and enabling school, family and Caritas to work together to improve circumstances.

We also provide additional support through a variety of initiatives as well as the Caritas emergency or hardship funds via our Bishop’s Fund service.

“We have used the Caritas team to cover welcome home visits for children and their families who are new to school and coming into nursery and reception. This is really helpful in preparing the children for school and sharing the worker’s views and experience too.”


Help more local children and their families now:


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Where to find us

To find out more about our service and accessing the support of our social workers, counsellors or therapists, please get in touch or take a look at our leaflet now.

Caritas House, 4 Nobby Stiles Drive, Collyhurst, Manchester M4 4FA.

Telephone: 0161 817 2250

School term times: 9am to 5pm with some advice available in school holidays.

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