Peter steps out for 200 mile walking challenge

Date Published: 22 Apr 2024
Man in red Caritas branded tshirt

A member of our St Joseph’s Mission to Deaf People team is taking on a huge challenge this June by pledging to walk 200 miles throughout the month.

Peter McDonough, who leads the service that supports people from our local deaf community, is taking on the challenge as part of our Every Step campaign. He said: “I have always enjoyed walking in God’s nature. This year, I would like to support Caritas for their very important work for local people in need. However, I don’t think I have walked more than 10,000 steps in one go, so to do 15,000 steps every day for a month and 200 miles in total will be really challenging for me. It will be worth it though, especially if people can find a little bit to sponsor me.”

The Every Step campaign is asking people from across Greater Manchester, Lancashire and beyond, to consider doing something which pushes them out of their comfort zone this year. This can be something physical or mental – anything goes as long as it’s a challenge for the person taking it on.

Patrick O’Dowd, our director, said: “This is a big challenge and we can’t wait to cheer Peter on as he sets out to complete the 200 miles in June.

“I’ve been amazed at how creative people are being when coming up with challenges to do as part of Every Step – some are doing physical challenges like Peter, while others are taking on other sponsored activities. The incredible thing is seeing people take that time out of their daily life to pledge to raise funds to help change the lives of those who really need support in our communities.

“We’re experiencing really challenging times at the moment and so are the people we work alongside. Demand is increasing and our costs to provide people with food, safe places to stay and all of the other ways we are there for those who need us are rising too.

“That’s why people pledging support in the way Peter has means so much. Thanks to him and also to everyone else taking part or considering taking part in a challenge in 2024 for Caritas Salford.”

There are lots of other events taking place through the year, so why not take a look and sign up for one too?  You can join one of our Caritas challenges, or come up with your own!  Visit our Every Step page now for more information and inspiration.

If you can’t take on your own Every Step challenge but would like to support Peter, you can do so now here:

Thank you!

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