Caritas Sunday 2024


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This Caritas Sunday, thank you for taking time to reflect on our work, consider ways you can take action in your community this year, and make a donation if you’re able.

However you choose to mark Caritas Sunday, we’re extremely grateful.

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Caritas Sunday, which takes place on 28th January, is an important date in the annual calendar.


It’s an opportunity for people across Greater Manchester and Lancashire to reflect on the social action work which has taken place in their local communities over the last year.

It’s also a chance to put together plans for the coming year, as well as taking a moment to find out more about Caritas Salford and our work.

Parishes, community groups and individuals also hold collections and make donations in support of that work across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Demand for our services is increasing, especially as the cost-of-living crisis continues to hit families and individuals hard.

However you choose to mark Caritas Sunday this year, we’d like to say thank you. Your support and donations mean we can continue to work alongside thousands of local people every year, at a time when they need us the most.

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One thing we’re really passionate about and which underpins everything we do at our charity is supporting people who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage, isolation or homelessness.

Our twelve services across Greater Manchester and Lancashire support thousands of people every year – people who are often facing acute crisis.

We believe that everyone has a right to a dignified life, and that they deserve the same chances and opportunities whatever their background or whichever community they’re from.

As well as taking action by delivering services alongside people who need additional support to transform their lives, we also know it’s important to call out injustices – to make sure we’re continuing to take action not only in our day-to-day services, but also to demand sustainable change.

We want to have an impact on people’s lives not just immediately as we support them through a crisis situation, but for the long-term too.

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Ways to get involved

As well as making a donation, there are lots of other ways you can take part in Caritas Sunday…

And please…do get in touch if you have any more ideas about how you could support us this Caritas Sunday and beyond.

Where your money goes

It costs £12,000 per day to provide the level of service and support being delivered in Caritas projects across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Which means that everyone who needs it is able to access urgent practical help required, as well as any advice and support that will help them for the long term.

Every single donation matters because it means nobody is turned away or left behind.

These are just some examples of how your donation could be used to provide critical support – right now – or help someone begin to transform their own life with dignity.

Click here now to make a donation…

  • £30.00
    could help us provide a hot meal for 40 people in our day centres
  • £60.00
    could help us provide a brand new set of clothes and toiletries for someone sleeping rough
  • £107.50
    could mean we can provide a weekly shop for a family of four

Did you know?


square miles…that’s how far our services span across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.


of people access our services every year and we’re privileged to work alongside them to help them transform their lives.


amazing volunteers support our work. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

“I can’t tell you how much this means to have support. Things are so hard at the moment and I’m really grateful for everything you do. My boys don’t know where the food comes from, but they know they will be fed.

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Every donation helps change a life. You can make a difference now.


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