Deaf Awareness Session

Four people sitting at table talking with sign language. Models and other items are on the table and in their hands.


Deaf Awareness Session

When and where:

There are several dates and locations to choose from:

  • Tuesday 10 September, 2pm to 4pm online via Zoom

About this session:

There are over 11 million people registered with a hearing loss in the UK today.

This equates to one person in every six.  Clinical Commissioning Groups document more than 12,500 British Sign Language users in the North West of England. 

What will be in this session:

  • The positive and negative language used to describe deafness
  • Different types of deaf people
  • Technological aids to communication available
  • Positive methods of communication and integration strategies
  • Communication professionals and support roles
  • Language differences and linguistic barriers
  • What is, and what is not, British Sign Language
  • A chance to ask questions without judgment.

Book your place or get in touch:

Book your place now by clicking to use this form.

For more information on the accessibility service or this or other sessions, and contact information to get in touch, please visit the service page on our website.

We at Caritas, believe that everyone should have opportunity to participate in all activities. This includes people who use our services, employees and volunteers.

Together we will work alongside individuals to find inclusive ways of working that suit them best.  We seek to welcome, integrate, and support the participation of all people by making our projects accessible.  If you face barriers because of your physical, mental & emotional, learning, sensory and/or communications needs, please let us know. 

Four people sitting at table talking with sign language. Models and other items are on the table and in their hands.

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