Caritas Ambassadors

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Caritas Ambassadors play a really important role in our work.

They speak out for change, take action in their local community, and lead and encourage others to do the same.  They also fundraise and raise awareness too!

We really appreciate our Caritas Ambassadors and everything they do to support local people.

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We’re proud that the Caritas Ambassador scheme is now in its second decade. 

Thousands of children and young people have been involved through the years, helping to bring love into action in their local community.

Ambassadors work in their school and wider community and as young leaders in social action the role equips them with the hunger and skills to help people experiencing poverty, homelessness and discrimination.  They call out injustice in their own communities as part of the Catholic Life and Mission of the school.

We have lots of free resources and information for Ambassadors – keep reading to find out more…

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What does a Caritas Ambassador do?

It’s a flexible scheme so schools can adapt it to work for them. To give you a flavour of what could be involved:

  • Helping create an action plan to identify ways the school can help others in the local and wider community
  • Communicating messages and news from Caritas and our campaigns
  • Finding out what pupils care about and incorporating into plans
  • Planning, organising and promoting charitable fundraising, events and donations such as the St Joseph’s Penny or Caritas Advent appeals
  • Using a collective voice to contact local leaders and advocate for change
  • Contribute to our Thought for the Day on social media and other initiatives
  • Helping decide who will be the winner of the Caritas Love in Action trophy
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Why are Caritas Ambassadors so important?

Caritas Ambassadors are a huge part of our Caritas family.

We can’t be in your schools every day so our Ambassadors are our voice, our eyes, our ears , our hands and our feet in their local communities, spreading the word about what we do and encouraging others to support us through fundraising, campaigning for change, and of course through their prayers.

We hope that through their positive experience at school, they will continue to support Caritas and our work and take their social activism into adulthood.

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Caritas Ambassador training

We provide training free of charge to schools, though a donation to our charity is always appreciated if it can be managed.

It includes an introduction to Caritas and the people we work alongside, an age-appropriate discussion about some of the social issues arising from the work we do, and discussions on the way pupils can help us carry out that work.

It also gives an introduction to the Caritas Ambassador role and how it sits alongside the themes of Catholic Social Teaching – ending with some practical action planning and the presentation of certificates and the coveted Caritas Ambassador badge!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find out more and download free resources and leaflets, and get in touch with Kath from our team if you have any questions or would like to find out more: 

Being a Caritas Ambassador doesn’t just have to be while a child or young person is at their current school…they can choose to be a person who makes a difference by being a Caritas Ambassador for the rest of their life!

Remember…please keep us informed of what your Caritas Ambassadors are doing or get in touch if you’d like further support.


  • Caritas Ambassadors Catholic Social Teaching Key Principles

  • Caritas Ambassadors Certificate

  • Caritas Ambassadors Frequently Asked Questions

  • Caritas Ambassadors Planning Sheet

  • Caritas Ambassadors Your Guide

Every donation helps change a life. You can make a difference now.


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