Free school meals for all

Date Published: 05 Dec 2023
children in white polo tshirts sitting around a long table eating plates of food. Coloured drinks beakers in blue yellow red and green on the table. Blurred images of kitchen staff can be seen in the background

As you will have seen from our Bee There appeal this Christmas, demand for our services has been increasing significantly.  Hardworking families are finding it more and more difficult to provide the fundamentals everyone deserves – a meal on the table, a safe, warm, secure place to call home.

We believe in providing every child with the best possible start, regardless of their circumstances. Unfortunately, many children face challenges that prevent them from learning and fulfilling their dreams.  

Child hunger has become an epidemic in our schools. Shockingly, 36% of all children in our diocese, totalling 302,158, are living in poverty. These children face daily struggles that extend beyond the classroom, impacting their ability to dream big.  

Access to free school meals can change this. It not only supports a child’s learning, growth and development, but also puts money back into the pockets of all parents – money they can use to pay for other essentials for their children, from heating and food at home to hobbies and after-school clubs. 

We advocate for #FreeSchoolMealsForAll, urging the Government to extend this vital support to every child in primary school. This initiative goes beyond addressing hunger; it can nurture the dreams of children by supporting their development – giving them the space and support they need to aim high.  

Dreams hold the power to shape a brighter future. With your support, we can ensure that more children are able to dream again.

Find out more about the Bee There appeal now.

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