Pope Francis releases ‘Laudate Deum’

Date Published: 09 Oct 2023
Side profile photograph of Pope Francis

In a momentous occasion for the global Catholic community, Pope Francis has released his highly anticipated Apostolic Exhortation, ‘Laudate Deum’.  Named after the Latin phrase meaning ‘Praise be to God,’ ‘Laudate Deum’ builds on his 2015 Encyclical Letter Laudato Si which developed further the social teaching of the Catholic Church with a particular focus of the social and environmental crises facing the world in these times.

In his new document, Pope Francis highlights the lack of reaction to climate change especially those who deny the human origin of global warming.  He describes how concern for our common home is integral to Christian faith.

This Exhortation is a timely and relevant guide not just for Catholic charities but also for all people of good will seeking to promote justice, peace, and the integral development of every person.  The teaching of this latest document will be integrated closely into our ongoing work to support Catholic schools through our Caritas Ambassadors programme and work to enhance and develop the knowledge of school leaders and teaching staff.

In response to the document, Bishop John Arnold, Bishop of Salford and chair of our Caritas Salford trustees said:  “I thoroughly welcome the timely and prophetic words of Pope Francis in ‘Laudate Deum’ who once again implores the international community to alter the path of destruction we are heading down.

“He reminds us that we are all interconnected, and that the decisions we make can have grave consequences, not only for those who are still living, but the generations to follow. It is vital that we all take action to look after our planet.”

Director of Caritas Salford, Patrick O’Dowd said: “We are blessed to receive the Holy Father’s guidance through ‘Laudate Deum,’ as it resonates deeply with our mission to create a more just and compassionate society, especially for those who are experiencing poverty and therefore at risk of greater exposure to the effects of the climate crisis.

“This Apostolic Exhortation, which reinforces the need to protect those experiencing poverty, supporting vulnerable communities, and nurturing a spirit of solidarity among all people, will hopefully illuminate people’s hearts to take urgent action.”

As we all delve into the risk content of this document, Caritas Salford will be integrating the Exhortation’s principles into our various programmes and initiatives.  We encourage all members of the community to explore this document and join in the collective action necessary to respond to the transformation needed.

For those eager to explore the Apostolic Exhortation, ‘Laudate Deum’ can be accessed here and a link to a video provided by the Vatican here.

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