Let’s end poverty

Date Published: 18 Oct 2023
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We’re seeing increasing demand for our services across Greater Manchester and Lancashire as the cost-of-living crisis continues to hit communities in our area hard. 

This month, we joined the ‘Let’s End Poverty’ assembly in Manchester city centre to explore building a movement to tackle poverty and its underlying causes. 

At the assemblies, more than 250 leaders gathered together in nine different locations across the UK and online to share their experiences and ideas. 

Patrick O’Dowd, our director, said: “There was a clear consensus at these assemblies that there’s a huge ambition for creating change, which is really encouraging. 

“Ending poverty and tackling the issues which make it so prevalent underpin our work at Caritas Salford and we’re passionate about taking real, tangible action to drive changes that support local people in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

“Many people who thought they’d never experience poverty are finding themselves at an extremely difficult time in their life, often coming to us at crisis point, and locked into situations that can seem impossible to get out of.  Families, children, neighbours, friends, colleagues – we’ve reached a critical point now where action needs to be taken immediately. 

“We’re committed to working alongside other individuals and organisations across both our region and the wider UK to help drive forward change before it’s too late. 

“Everyone deserves to live in a place they feel safe, secure and where the basic dignities of being able to wash, eat, have a warm space and a place to sleep at night are guaranteed.  These aren’t nice extras, they are fundamentals but sadly many families are going without every day. 

“Coordinated action is needed, both from decision makers in local and national government, but also by people in our communities too.  Together we can drive forward essential change together and we must do so before it’s too late.” 

Find out more about ways you can tackle poverty in your own community.

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