Supporting Amber*

Amber* was supported by our team after her mum’s recent abusive relationship meant she found it challenging to attend school and was inattentive in class.

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Amber was referred to our School Service due to worries about her poor attendance at school. She was often late and found in very difficult to engage with her learning, becoming inattentive in class.  

Her mum shared that she had recently left a violent and abusive relationship and Amber and her sister had witnessed many of the incidents. This relationship had had a major impact on her own and her daughter’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, and had left the family’s tenancy at risk due to antisocial behaviour from her ex-partner.  

Home conditions were also poor with very little furniture, with Amber stating she felt uncomfortable and afraid in her home as the conditions reminded her of her mum’s ex-partner.  This atmosphere also informed a heightened anxiety about leaving the home and being in school away from her mum.  

A plan was developed in order to improve the issues around housing, finance, debt, mental health and emotional wellbeing, and our team worked with the housing support officer to secure the tenancy again. 

We led some Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings to help provide further support and secured two grants from Buttle Trust and our Bishop’s Fund to help clear up, brighten the home and provide more furnishings. 

The family have reported that their home conditions and stability are much improved, and Amber loves her home which feels much more comfortable – especially her bedroom makeover.  Her attendance at school has significantly improved, and with their better routine, both Amber and her mum feel they are having much more positive starts to the school day. 

*Name has been changed 

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Where your money goes

It costs £12,000 per day to provide the level of service and support being delivered in Caritas projects across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Which means that everyone who needs it is able to access urgent practical help required, as well as any advice and support that will help them for the long term.

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  • £30.06
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  • £86.00
    is the average cost of a weekly shop for a family of four people
  • £112.16
    is the average energy bills for a month for a 2-3 bed home
  • £1,500
    is the cost to sponsor one of our rooms for a year, preventing someone from being homeless
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