Will you ‘Bee There’ this Christmas?

Date Published: 13 Nov 2023
Purple background with two bees holding a sign that says what's your dream this Christmas?

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Everyone deserves a chance at fulfilling their dreams, especially if they are dreams about fundamental things we all should have – a safe, secure place to call home, food on the table, or a chance to escape poverty, homelessness, discrimination, danger or isolation.   

If these basic rights that everyone should have access to are fulfilled, it gives people the space and freedom to dream big again too.    


Green graphic with white snowflakes on it. A bee character wearing a blue cap with words next to him saying This Christmas period, thousands of people will be facing acute crisis. People experiencing homelessness and isolation. Mums, dads, friends, neighbours. Will you bee there for them?


But, sadly, as the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect people in our local communities, many hardworking individuals and families are being forced into situations they never imagined would happen.   

People are facing forced evictions, having to choose between eating or staying warm, facing Christmas alone, or sleeping rough.  And, sadly, this situation is not uncommon. Around one in three children in our area is living in poverty, despite many living in homes where at least one parent is working.  It could happen to any of us, at any time.  

This year, we’ve launched our Advent Appeal to ask you to #BeeThere again this Christmas. 

We’d love your support to help raise awareness of the huge number of people in Greater Manchester and Lancashire who will be facing an extremely difficult Christmas, and to raise much-needed funds so we can continue to support them to transform their lives with dignity.   

Patrick O’Dowd, our director, said: “With so much going on in the world, from wars and climate change, to homelessness, poverty and the extreme crisis situations brought on by the cost-of-living crisis, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and hard to know how to help.  

“But, we know that even the smallest of positive actions can have a huge impact. 

“Whether that’s a kind word to a neighbour facing isolation, a warm meal for a loved one who isn’t well, or even a smile on the morning commute, the little things can really mean a lot. Big dreams really can come from small change. 

“This is arguably more important now than ever.  We’re seeing significant increases in the demand for our services as more and more people hit crisis point.  Hardworking individuals and families who are battling every day to try and keep things going, to keep food on the table every day, to keep a roof over their head.  

“When the fundamentals like a safe secure home or a full tummy for your child aren’t there, it can be easy to lose sight of your bigger dreams too.  But, everyone has dreams, whatever situation they may be experiencing, and this Christmas we want your help to give people the freedom to dream again.  

“By helping with even a small donation, you can enable us to provide vital support at a time people need it most.  We can help them to not only transform their lives with dignity, but also to have the ability to look ahead and dream about the life they want for themselves and those closest to them too.  

“If everyone who watched our film pledged to Bee There for just one person this Christmas, we really could help them get back on their feet and a step closer to making those dreams and wishes come true.”  

This year’s #BeeThere Advent appeal film, created by Doodledo with the Caritas team, features the voices of real children from Greater Manchester and Lancashire.  

You can watch it now below, or click now to find out more about the appeal, and make a donation.

Could you please make a donation and #BeeThere to help someone dream again this Christmas? 

After all…big dreams come from small change.   

And doesn’t everyone deserve to dream?  

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