The Ripples of Hope Festival – 15-19 September

The Ripples of Hope Festival celebrates the power of people to make human rights a reality for all.
Guest speakers include: Marcus Rashford; Hilary Rodham Clinton; Nazir Afzal plus many more.
This brand new 5-day festival asks us to:
·         Think about the challenges we face as communities and as humanity;
·         Celebrate the power of people to make change; and
·         Explore how we can – together – take action in our communities and across the world to create a future that truly serves people.
After a year that has isolated and divided us, the Festival is a place to meet, share ideas and experiences – and to get excited about changing the world for the better. Add your voice to a weekend of exhilarating and challenging debate, intimate conversations, inspiring stories, workshops and performances, as we explore the world we can create together.
Join local and international community activists, performers, poets, organisers and artists as we delve into our five core themes:
·         Dignity & Justice
·         Equity & Equality
·         Arts & Culture
·         Activism & Participation
·         Environment & Climate Change
For further information and to book, please go to: