The Big Sleep-Out 2021

This is Cornerstone’s major fundraising event and your support means that we can continue to provide practical help and intensive 1:1 support for people that are street homeless or ‘sofa-surfing,’ and those without the security of a permanent home. To experience just a fraction of the challenges of what it is like to sleep rough for just one night and to help those who live this reality every day – we need you! This is a vital event, which we are committed to holding, as a way of introducing more people to the plight of homelessness and advocating for an end to it.
BIG SLEEP OUT ~ Resources for Schools
The following resources can be used to raise awareness and a deeper understanding of the issues around homelessness and focus on the Catholic Social Teaching theme of Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. They are extracts from Caritas in Action. For further information on the resource please contact or to purchase, please visit