Ukraine Crisis

Donate to welcome Ukrainian people to Salford Diocese

Page fully revised and updated 22.03.2022

Caritas Diocese of Salford strongly condemns the attack by Russia in Ukraine and brutal aggression towards the Ukrainian people. We deplore the consistent attacks on civilian lives and infrastructure.  Such acts of aggression endanger international stability and peace and bring international law into disrepute.

Caritas Salford is receiving regular updates on how best to help as part of the international Caritas Internationalis network and from the Caritas Social Action Network for England and Wales.

What can you do to support those in need?

Aid agencies have found themselves overwhelmed by donations in kind and so are now specifically asking for financial donations only. You can help therefore by:

Donating to the Caritas Salford appeal to support our capacity to assist welcoming Ukrainian refugees

As the social action agency of the Diocese, Caritas Salford was set up specifically to carry out social action work in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.  Following the UK Government announcement, we intend to play a role in welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating Ukrainians and those affected by the war to our community.  You can donate via the button at the top of this page or:

Donating through CAFOD and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Appeal

The DEC has launched an appeal for humanitarian support.  The UK government will match any donations collected through members of the DEC like Catholic Agency, Cafod, who are a part of this group.  Your donation could also be eligible for Gift Aid.  To donate:

Homes for Ukraine – Hosting Ukrainian refugees

Welcoming and providing access to safe accommodation is really important for people forced to their home and take refuge in another country.  On 14th March the UK Government announced a scheme to provide homes to people from Ukraine.

Before you commit to sponsoring, it is very important that you think carefully about what this will mean to you and your family.

A person or family fleeing Ukraine will be living with you for a minimum of 6 months, needing access to a safe place to stay. You might be in a position to offer a self-contained property or a room in your home.

You should consider what having someone to stay for this length of time might mean to you and your family. It’s a huge commitment to make and may have implications on your tenancy, council tax, home insurance or mortgage arrangements.  You’ll need to make sure you research this carefully before applying.

We recommend that you think about the role of sponsor and research the support in your area.  Would other parishioners or neighbours be able to assist?  Are you able to manage potential issues around language barriers?  You may be expected to be able to offer support to access services such as registering with a doctor or setting up a bank account as well as more specialist support.

People fleeing from Ukraine have very recently experienced intense trauma. They have fled their homes, livelihoods and likely left family members behind in a situation of extreme uncertainty and danger. You should be prepared for the possibility of the refugee(s) you are hosting experiencing psychological trauma which may require medical attention.

There may also be language and cultural barriers – some of which may be immediately obvious, others may take time to learn and get to know. At this stage, it is not clear what/if concrete English language support will be available in local communities.

Security checks will be necessary for hosts and for those being referred to the UK. If you do offer accommodation, the Local Authority will be responsible for checking it is safe.

Everyone applying to the UK Government to sponsor a person or family will need to name the people they would like to welcome.  In partnership with other agencies, Caritas Salford is exploring the safest and best way to refer parishioners and those willing to offer their home.  We will confirm this in the next few days.

If you would like to express an interest in hosting Ukrainian refugees, please email

Clergy and religious should contact Caritas Salford, before registering, in order that Caritas can co-ordinate support from the Diocesan Safeguarding Commission and Property Team to ensure the property is safe to welcome people.  Please email

If you find that this programme is not suitable for you, there may be other ways that you could help, including supporting a host.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact our Community Sponsorship Co-ordinator –

Provide language support as a translator

Are you a Ukrainian or Russian speaker?  Safe resettlement and integration of refugees seeking conflict depends on access to people who can translate fluently into English.  If you are skilled in the main languages spoken in Ukraine, please register as a volunteer translator by contacting

Pray for Ukraine

Please continue to keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers along with our brothers and sisters in the wider international Caritas relief effort.  The following prayer has been shared by our colleagues in Caritas Social Action Network and is from Pope Francis’ prayer for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2020

Father, you entrusted to Saint Joseph what you held most precious: the child Jesus and his Mother, in order to protect them from the dangers and threats of the wicked. Grant that we may experience his protection and help. May he, who shared in the sufferings of those who flee from the hatred of the powerful, console and protect all our brothers and sisters driven by war, poverty and necessity to leave their homes and their lands to set out as refugees for safer places. Help them, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, to find the strength to persevere, give them comfort in sorrows and courage amid their trials. Grant to those who welcome them some of the tender love of this just and wise father, who loved Jesus as a true son and sustained Mary at every step of the way. May he, who earned his bread by the work of his hands, watch over those who have seen everything in life taken away and obtain for them the dignity of a job and the serenity of a home. We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, whom Saint Joseph saved by fleeing to Egypt, and trusting in the intercession of the Virgin Mary, whom he loved as a faithful husband in accordance with your will. Amen.

Pope Francis’s prayer for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2020


Caritas Salford is working in partnership with Caritas agencies across England and Wales and hopes to circulate nationally prepared materials to advise parish and local communities on how they can potentially support Ukrainian refugees in the UK.  We are also in touch with some of the Ukrainian Catholic communities in the area, who will likely be a focus for those refugees seeking support.  We will communicate any updates in due course.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.

This page will be regularly updated as more details emerge.

Guidance documents:

Caritas Social Action Network has provided the following toolkit for release to parishes and communities across England and Wales.


Ukrainian poster – How the NHS works

Red Cross Information Leaflet for Ukrainians arriving in the UK