Social Skills

Social Skills

social-skills-groupsTarget population: Key Stage1 & 2 children who struggle to be told off, who use negative behaviour to get attention.

Number of pupils: Groups of 4-6 pupils

Duration: 1 hour delivery 4 week programme plus leader to have 2 sessions with class teacher

Evaluation tools used to measure impact: Pre flyer for parents, Class room targets to be set with Teachers, Telephone call pre and post to Parents/Carers

School to provide: Referral and consent form, Suitable room, Teacher Time


This programme is to provide the participating children with the skills to begin to form positive relationships with other children and adults. It provides a caring environment for children to learn by experiment, experience and practice and to allow the children to have their developing skills acknowledged and rewarded. It is specifically aimed at children who are not able to take a telling off appropriately, those who find it difficult to make and keep friends and children who attract attention by use of negative processes. It has been shown to be affective with groups of Year 1 and 2 boys.