Self Harm Alumina

Self Harm Alumina

selfharmTarget population: Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils who have been identified as self harming

Number of pupils: 3-6 pupils

Duration: 2 hours per week for 6 weeks plus 2 further sessions, one for evaluation and one for assessment

Evaluation tools used to measure impact: Pre flyer for Parents/Carers, Teen Star, Adolescent Wellbeing Scale

School to provide: Referral and consent form, Suitable room


Self Harm UK’s Alumina course has seen many young people take the next step towards recovery. It is a six week programme in which the pupils look at and explore feelings, thoughts, triggers and
coping strategies.

The course aims are to help people overcome difficulties with self-harm. It is not designed to encourage self-harm or give the impression that it’s a good thing to be doing; it is delivered in a sensitive manner out of recognition that just telling you to stop won’t work and that pupils need support to keep safe while they recover in their own time.