Helping Teens Work Through Grief

Helping Teens Work Through Grief

helpingteensgriefTarget population: For pupils who have been bereaved

Number of pupils: 3-10 pupils

Duration: 6 week programme plus 2 further sessions one for assessment and one for evaluation

Evaluation tools used to measure impact: Pre flyer for Parents/Carers, Shooting Star, Adolescent Wellbeing Scale

School to provide: Referral and consent form, Suitable room


This group is to help pupils struggling with the death of an important person in their life. The programme is underpinned by supporting the pupil to acknowledge loss and the reality of death, remember the person who died, develop a new self identity, search for meaning in life going forward and to accept help and support. These perspectives can influence and prepare teens for other major losses in their lives and to build resilience. The course also includes strategies for dealing with stress and looking after oneself.