Helping Teens Build Self-Esteem

Helping Teens Build Self-Esteem

helpingteensTarget population: Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils who are quiet, withdrawn who have low self esteem or confidence

Number of pupils: 3-10 pupils

Duration: 2 hours per week for 12 weeks plus 2 further sessions, one for assessment and one for evaluation

Evaluation tools used to measure impact: Pre flyer for Parent/Carers, Shooting Star, Adolescent Wellbeing Scale,

School to provide: Referral and consent form, Suitable room


A course focused on exploring which particular aspects of the self concept the pupils are struggling with. The course explores the challenge of change and how this can be addressed.  Healthy self-esteem, feeling confident and self acceptance, feeling others approval and expressing emotions, goal setting and recognising failure as part of life are also key themes discussed.

The work pupils undertake as part of this model can include art work and imagery, debates, worksheets, group discussions and home work tasks.