Gubay Fund

Gubay Fund

With the support of the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation, Caritas Diocese of Salford are please to launch the Gubay Crisis Fund.  

The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation have donated £20,000 to help us provide desperately needed support through one-off grants to support families and individuals living within the Diocese of Salford where a relatively small amount of funding can make a big difference.

Who can access the fund?

Our funding criteria is flexible in terms of specific items we will help families or individuals purchase; however, funds can only be provided for families or individuals who are in exceptional circumstances and are facing a crisis.

Head Teachers, a Parish Priest or representative of the parish, or Caritas employees can apply on behalf of families or individuals through completion of the application form, detailing the difficulties the people are experiencing and why they require this one-off financial support.

Due to limited funds we regret we cannot support families or individuals ongoing needs.

Award Criteria and assessment

Once received an application will be assessed against the following criteria:

Is this an exceptional circumstance?

Is this one-off support going to make a difference to the family or individuals, i.e. it is not an ongoing need?

Is the family/individual facing a genuine crisis and will the items requested lessen this?

Is the amount of funding reasonable in relation to the items requested? If not, we can consider providing part-funding.

Getting more information

If there is not enough detail provided on the application form to assess whether the above criteria has been met, then we will contact you for further information.

Multiple applications from Schools

Each school or parish involved in the Gubay Crisis fund are allocated up to 6 applications per year.  This will enable the school to prioritise their most vulnerable families and ensure this support is going to those in need of it the most.  Exceptions can only be made to take more than 6 applications for an individual school or parish for families with a very high level of need and must be agreed by the CEO.

Items unlikely to be funded

Our supporters who donate to Gubay Crisis Fund rightly expect this money to be used to support families and individuals in desperate need.  Therefore, certain items are very unlikely to be funded (e.g. laptops, school trips/other holidays, gifts) unless there was a really compelling case to do so, which would need to be demonstrated in the application form.

How we will make the payment

We do not give out money/cash to individuals.

A cheque will be issued to the school or parish.

We request that the school/parish, unless otherwise agreed on acceptance of the application purchase the items or equipment for the person/family being referred.

All receipts must be copied and sent to Caritas within 28 days of receipt of cheque.  Failure to do so may affect future applications.

We expect applications to be under £400 each. In exceptional circumstances, and if there is enough money in the fund, we will consider larger request.

You can download the application form at the links below.

or email

We aim to respond to all applications within 24 hours

If you would like to discuss your application or any other services Caritas can provide then please contact us on 0161 817 2250.

Gubay Crisis Fund Resources

Download the Crisis Fund application form, and further information below