Friendship and other Weapons

Friendship and other Weapons

friendshipTarget population: Key Stage 2 GIRLS ONLY who are needing guidance on relationships and friendships

Number of pupils: Groups of 6-10 pupils

Duration: 1 hour delivery 12 week programme plus 2 further sessions, one for assessment and one for evaluation

Evaluation tools used to measure impact: Pre flyer for Parents/Carers, One to One session with each pupil pre and post group to complete a My Star, mid and post telephone call to Parents/Carers

School to provide: Referral and consent form Suitable room


Called the Real Friendship Group this model is specifically aimed at girls in year 4, 5,& 6 but can be adapted for a younger audience. The main focus of the programme is to support girls to build positive friendships and understand the implications of social inclusion. The course supports girls by creating safe, open and fun forums in which girls can talk, learn and compare experiences.  Participants gain new skills for speaking up when it comes to expressing their feelings and confidence for confronting incidents of cruelty disguised as friendship.  Problem solving, exploring personal strengths, promoting empathy and responding assertively to bullying behaviour are the key topics.