I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you have done with Alex. Alex has gone from been a little girl who seemed to always be at the point of explosion and trying constantly to be on best behaviour.
Through your work she has learnt that it is OK to show emotion and she is definitely now, more like a ‘normal’ teenager who shows her emotions; it is nice to see her not go suddenly stomping off for no reason as it shows she is more confident to show her emotions.

Thank you for returning me my little girl, words are no enough to express my thanks to you for the work you have done



Is it the same as Children’s Social Care?
Do I have a choice about whether to work with you or not?
I think my child would benefit from seeing a Caritas worker, what do I do?
Who will you share information with?
How long will you work with my child/how many sessions will they have?
What work will you be doing with my child/family?
How will I be kept informed?
How long will sessions last?
What is a CAF/EHA?
Where can I provide feedback on your service?