Caritas Family Project

Caritas Family Project

Mary’s Way responds to the needs of vulnerable families and individuals who are experiencing personal, family or social issues. The project aims to alleviate the impact of poverty, hardship, isolation and marginalisation, to protect the most vulnerable.

Our key aims are also to improve relationships within the family; build on their parenting skills; improve child behaviour at home, school and in the community; reduce parental depression; build confidence; widen social networks; raise aspirations; reduce debt; and support parents into employment, education & training. We do this by providing a wide range of interventions to support the whole family including 1-1 support, direct work with children, and a rolling programme of The Incredible Years® Parenting Program throughout the year.

We work in partnership with children, families and individuals by:


  • Assessing their motivation in bringing about change.
  • Build on their strengths.
  • Deliver Incredible Years® Parenting courses.
  • Use planned interventions.
  • Measure outcomes.
  • Support families and individuals to access education, training and volunteering opportunities.

Caritas Family Project

What we do

We facilitate a community-based, drop-in support and advice service twice a week, delivered through accessible parish-based hubs. The hubs enable individuals and families to access immediate relief, support and assistance. This can be support on housing issues, benefits, parenting, or access to the foodbank. The hubs are well established in two areas of North Manchester.

Where we do it

The Lalley Centre, Eggington street, Collyhurst, M40 7RJ
Wednesday’s 10am to 1pm
Cheetham Welcome Centre, Brentfield Avenue, Cheetham. M8 0TW
Thursday’s 10am to 2pm

Parenting Courses

The parenting courses are delivered at various sites across North Manchester.  If you are interested in enrolling in one of our courses please contact us on 0161 817 2250.

“The main benefit was to help my child with his behaviour and this course has helped both me & my child.”