Response to the arrival of Afghan evacuees and refugees

Supported by the extra-ordinary generosity of parishes and schools across the diocese, we quickly mobilised to support refugees arriving from Afghanistan, providing urgent humanitarian assistance and practical aid.  So far, we have delivered thousands of personal hygiene items, clothing, pushchairs, nappies and baby formula to support the co-ordinated effort to welcome refugees fleeing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.  There is still a lot to do, including sorting through some of the many donations we’ve received and making sure they get to the right people in need.  To make a gift, please visit
As well as this practical action to support refugees, we join Catholic and Christian Church leaders in expressing concerns about the planned Nationality and Borders Bill now before Parliament.  In particular, the potential that this has to cause further harm and suffering to those escaping from war and persecution and who will be criminalised because of the lack of safe, legal routes for people seeking asylum in the UK.