DiSAN organisations – a strong voice for those we serve

This week, DiSAN member organisations met to hear an update from Dr Emma Gardner, Diocesan Head of Environment, on what COP 26 means on a practical level for our charitable organisations.
The meeting took place on Tuesday 14th December with seventeen organisations represented.
Emma’s presentation was followed by an introduction – by Fr Paddy Duffy and Phil Callaghan – to the work of the Xaverian Missionaries, who are now a welcome presence amongst us in the Diocese of Salford.
Other agenda items included the Living Wage campaign, with an invitation to DiSAN members, as a collective Catholic network, to co-ordinate an event to promote the dignity of work and encourage others to pay the Living Wage, followed by an opportunity for all members to share the headlines from their own organisations.
Caritas Salford is responsible for co-ordinating the Diocese of Salford Social Action Network (DiSAN). All registered Catholic charitable organisations and outreach groups operating within the Diocese of Salford are invited to be active members of DiSAN which formally meets four times a year. Through information sharing, networking and forming collaborative partnerships, DiSAN is continuing to develop capacity and capability for voluntary and community action to flourish across the Diocese and together we are a strong voice for those whom we serve.
As one DiSAN member commented during this week’s meeting: “…with so many opportunities to link up and work together, there is a palpable sense of commitment, purpose and enthusiasm.”
DiSAN meeting dates for 2022 will be published shortly.