Salford – A Living Wage City!

Salford is the first place in England to get formal recognition for its ambition to become a Living Wage City. The Living Wage Foundation recognised the city under its Living Wage Places scheme on 11 November, 2019.

On the eve of the formal announcement it was therefore fitting that the Rt. Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford concluded the Living Wage Foundation panel discussion by congratulating those who have worked to achieve this recognition with a call to action.  He said,

“It’s a question of dignity and justice. We must make sure that everyone has the basics and do not have to live in anxiety and fear because they cannot finance their lives”.

Mayor Andy Burnham announced that with the real Living Wage rising to £9.50 per hour over 9,000 workers in Salford had received a pay rise but there was still over 5.5 million people being paid below the minimum wage. He also announced the aspiration that the rest of Greater Manchester will soon follow the example of Salford and become a Living Wage city-region. He also shared the news that ‘The Good Employer Charter’ would be promoted and that he hoped to link it to public procurement processes in the region.

Caritas and the Diocese of Salford are proud to be members of the Living Wage Foundation, supporting the clarion call for more employers, especially within the Diocese borders to join and ensure they go beyond the government’s minimum wage and pay their staff enough to live on.