Removal of £20-a-week Universal Credit

Today’s removal of the Universal Credit £20-a-week uplift will push 840,000 people into poverty – 290,000 of these are children. Families are telling us that this will mean a decision between paying essential bills and buying food for their family, especially at a time of rising energy prices.
Baroness Stroud of @LegatumInst said low-income families faced higher energy bills, rising inflation and the planned increase in National Insurance contributions.
“When the welfare state was first created it was actually designed to be at 20% of median income; it’s now at about 12%, which is very, very low,” she said.
“What we haven’t really understood is just that you can be doing all the right things and you can still be really struggling in the UK, which is why I would argue that the £20 uplift is really important.”
Not everyone can move into employment. Universal Credit is a safety net for those who are sick, disabled or have disabled children.
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