Migration Conference: ‘People on the Move.’

Saturday 9th June saw Sean Ryan and Liz Hibberd from the Community Sponsorship Team, take part in a Migration Conference: ‘People on the Move.’

Organised and hosted by the Methodist Church, around 60 people from the North West came together to share, learn and discuss how faith groups could better move forward in their understanding and awareness of how to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

With speakers reflecting on visits to Italy, Jordan and Brazil, sharing stories of local solidarity, alongside theological debates focusing on belonging and identify, the audience gained a great deal of insight about the current situation facing people being forced to move from their homes for safety.

They were also treated to an emotive and engaging live music show highlighting the impact Community Sponsorship is having on communities in the UK but especially in the North West. This was followed up by an opportunity to ask questions related to the scheme and to identify the key stages and roles.

Whilst many people expressed their concern about the situation, they left feeling reassured and encouraged to do what they could with what they have, and that collaboration, engagement and fostering connection are vital ways to support and welcome people.