Living Wage Week

Celebrating the end of #LivingWageWeek on Saturday 20th November 2021, at Manchester Cathedral, faith and voluntary sector leaders and the Mayor, Andy Burnham, gathered at an event organised by Greater Manchester Citizens.
Bishop John said:
“As a Christian, I must surely return to the words of Jesus himself to renew and give direction and challenge to my life. “
“If I am to love my neighbour as myself, I must accord my neighbour dignity. That dignity MUST include a sustainable livelihood, which in turn, must demand a living wage.”
“Sadly, we live in a world where our market economies are making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.”
“The divide is increasing, and the statistics are appalling.”
“…even here, children live in poverty, families have no security of adequate housing, people sleep in our streets.”
“A living wage is a start, an essential step in justice and respect for our brothers and sisters. We must ensure their dignity.”