Ice Academy programme

The dignity of work has been a critical principle of Catholic social teaching. At Caritas Diocese of Salford, we believe that work is an essential part of our human dignity and everyone has the right to participate.
We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN)—a group of dedicated, pioneering social activists—to see how we could help people who arrived as refugees back into business AND figure out how to remove some of the barriers they face when entering the job market. This summer, we launch the Ice Academy programme, an innovative model that works with people to develop their business ideas and entrepreneurship training and mentoring.
The programme kicks off at the end of July and will run till mid-October. We are now recruiting mentor volunteers – who are so instrumental to the model. We’re looking primarily for people with mentoring, leadership or coaching experience who are/have been entrepreneurs themselves or worked for companies, public sector or social enterprises as managers, innovators, or design thinkers. The volunteering commitment is:
9 online mentoring workshops across the 12-week programme, every Tuesday between 6-9 pm.
periodical mentor-mentee check-in sessions (online or over the phone depending on availability and preference) throughout the programme
two exciting face to face events: the highlight of the programme, a testing event, where community members give the entrepreneurs feedback on their product/service prototypes and the final graduation event.
If you’re interested (or you know someone who might be interested) in social innovation and have some business experience, please consider joining (or encouraging your contacts to join) Ice Academy as a business mentor. You will offer your expertise, guidance and advice as Ice Academy entrepreneurs develop and test their business ideas, hoping to earn a living essential to their dignity.

To express your interest as a business mentor:
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Meet Ravi and Yun Qin, previous Ice Academy graduates:
The lawyer, the banker and the car parts dealer! Meet previous Ice Academy graduates: