Covid-19 – Caritas services update

Updated 24.03.2020

In response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the government have issued new, strict and unprecedented restrictions on movement.  This is in order to protect citizens from the spread of this disease.

People are now required to stay at home except for shopping necessities, daily exercise or medical needs. Gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together are immediately prohibited.  However, travel to and from essential work only is permitted.

In light of the above, only our designated ‘essential services’ to vulnerable groups are continuing to operate.  This is with additional stringent measures in place minimise social contact and to protect our staff and volunteers.  These services remain available to receive requests from local and statutory authorities for emergency support (e.g. local authority social workers).

All our other services are now being operated remotely by Caritas employees who are working from home until further notice.

For further information or emergency support, please contact 0161-817 2250 or the service managers below. 



Young Parent Accommodation

Morning Star Hostel and Safe Haven Pods, Manchester

These services are continuing to operate providing accommodation.  However, there is no admittance to our facilities for visitors other than other key workers (e.g. social services).  Our staff are providing advice and information to residents to strongly encourage them to comply with government instructions on social distancing and isolation for their own well-being.


Schools Social Work Service (0161-817 2250)

Schools social workers and counsellors will be deployed to schools requiring support, co-ordinated in advance with our service managers and subject to appropriate requirements for hygiene and social distancing.


Cornerstones Day Centre, Manchester (0161-232 8888)

Red Door, Bury (0161-272 0771)

Open sessions to the public and distribution of food suppliers has now stopped.  In the event of an emergency staff are able to provide individual emergency food parcels to the homeless, rough sleepers or families in urgent need.  There are no public advice sessions.

In emergency need, staff have been provided particular instructions subject to health, safety and welfare advice and appropriate distancing.

The Lalley Welcome Centre, Collyhurst, Manchester. (0161-205 2754)

Open sessions to the public and group distribution of food services has now stopped.  In emergency need, staff are able to provide individual food parcels to families in urgent need, subject to health, safety and welfare advice and appropriate distancing.

St Joseph’s Welfare Service

This service providing meals to the elderly and socially isolated continues according to existing measures to protect staff and beneficiaries.


These are extraordinary times for us all these changes pose fundamental questions for managers and front-line personnel that have never been seen before in Britain. 

While we naturally saddened to restrict services to those whom we know are in desperate need, we have all been given clear instructions from government in the national interest. It is essential that in this time of crisis we all act responsibly to ensure the welfare of our staff and of our beneficiaries.

We are sincerely grateful for the amazing teamwork that has already been displayed by colleagues both ‘front-line’ and those who it is necessary to self-isolate or work remotely.  We appreciate their continued efforts over the next weeks. 

Further updates will be provided on a regular basis.