Cornerstone Operations Manager

After two and a half years as our Cornerstone Operations Manager, Lorraine Cumbo will be moving from her current role at Cornerstone over the next few weeks to our Caritas Lalley Centre project in North Manchester.  Lorraine, who has worked in community development and social work in North Manchester for several years, has previous experience at the Lalley Centre and will also support other Caritas community services projects as we seek to develop and expand our support to children and families needing support in our diocese.

Lorraine has achieved an extra-ordinary amount in her time at Cornerstone, especially during the challenges of pandemic where she has continued to provide emergency support for those in crisis and co-ordinate efforts to increase vaccination among groups with particular needs.  Lorraine’s example of dedication to people experiencing challenges during a time of national lockdown has been widely recognised and she has continued to build-up excellent relationships across the city of Manchester with partners, donors and supporters to continue the important work of Cornerstone.

I am very grateful to Lorraine for her continued commitment to Caritas and look forward to working with her in this new role which she will take up in the coming weeks.

On an interim basis, our Head of Homelessness, Amanda Croome, will take immediate oversight of Cornerstone operations until the appointment of Lorraine’s successor.