Caritas Webinar

Social Place are hosting a webinar on behalf of Caritas Diocese of Salford, who are the official charity of the diocese, which reaches from Didsbury to Clitheroe.

Covid-19 has presented a significant challenge to the Church and all aspects of society. A pandemic of this scale will have unprecedented and unforeseen consequences for us as individuals, families, employers and as citizens.

The coronavirus has also highlighted the significant inequalities and vulnerabilities within our society. Businesses, the public sector and charitable organisations will all need to reflect upon their purpose in light of such monumental changes. One thing is clear – we will not emerge the same as we were before the pandemic – and the social agencies of the Church will also need to evolve to respond to potentially growing needs.

“This is not a time for self-centredness, because the challenge we are facing is shared by all, without distinguishing between persons.” (Pope Francis, Easter Sunday, 2020).

Responding to the challenge of this current crisis and daring to peer through the current fog of uncertainty to imagine a ‘new normal’ after the crisis subsides, Caritas Diocese of Salford invites you to be part of a facilitated panel discussion on key themes relating to Catholic social action and to begin the process to help us as we re-imagine the future of ‘Caritas’ services.

We hope that this webinar will form part on an ongoing dialogue with all our stakeholders.