Caritas Salford issue advice following severe weather warning

Caritas Salford is urging people to consider the impact of extreme weather on those experiencing particular challenges in our communities.

Temperatures are forecast to reach up to 34 degrees for parts of Greater Manchester and Lancashire over the weekend and through to Tuesday.    The Met Office and UK Health Security Agency have issued health warnings, and those experiencing poverty, disadvantage or isolation are likely to be at greater risk.  This includes those who are experiencing homelessness, older people and young children, and those with pre-existing health conditions.

Over the coming days, we encourage people from across the Diocese of Salford to take action.  You can look out for those who may find it difficult to keep themselves cool and hydrated: older people who may be isolated or have underlying health problems; for others, it could be as simple as offering a drink of water or sun protection.

If you’re concerned about someone over the age of 18, who you think may be sleeping rough, you can report this via the StreetLink app.  This sends an alert to the relevant local authority or outreach service for the area to help them find support.  If you are concerned about someone under the age of 18, do not use this app, instead call the police.

Over the coming days, Caritas Salford will be taking precautions to support all those who access our services.  If you are in a position to support us with this work all year round, please consider setting up a monthly donation here.  Thank you!

For further advice on staying safe during hot weather, you can visit the following websites by clicking the links below:


Homeless Link

Age UK