Caritas partnership with Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) – ‘Enhancing the human touch in digital education provision’

During the pandemic our Caritas Refugee Education Service has continued to provide high quality English language tuition and practice to a number of refugees and asylum seekers.  Moving the services online has naturally impacted on our ability to maintain human contact, build social relationships and foster general well-being.  Thanks to the flexibility of our team we have continued to maintain and enhance the service and continue the emotional support.  But what is the human impact to that loss of contact, especially for vulnerable groups like migrants who the service caters for?

We have been pleased to work in collaboration with AMBS to research this area through our colleague Amir Raki who is a doctoral candidate with Professor Judy Zolkiewski, Dr Ilma Nur Chowdhury, Dr Marzena Nieroda.  Through an EPSRC funded, DEAS Network project they have been investigating how to maintain the “human touch” in digital charity services. Together with AMBS we will shortly be publishing a toolkit for charities that can help enhance the human touch in digital services.