Caritas & Diocese of Salford Support Real Living Wage Campaign

Living Wage Week is the annual celebration of the Living Wage Movement and this year runs from 9th – 15th November. To mark the occasion, a series of online events are being held with key speakers, including Bishop John Arnold and other leaders from across our region in a webinar entitled: Rebuilding with the Living Wage in the North West, which will take place 4.00 – 5.00 pm on Monday 9th November.

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The Real Living Wage is an initiative started by Citizens UK and is based on people earning what they require to in order to meet their basic everyday needs. The hourly rate, announced annually, is currently £9.30 per hour (or £10.75 in London). It is independently calculated according to the cost of living based on a basket of household goods and services and should not be confused with the government’s National Living Wage. The new Real Living Wage Rate will be announced during Living Wage Week, ensuring a much needed pay boost to more than 250,000 employees across the UK.

Salford became the first Real Living Wage City in England in December 2019 and both Caritas and the Diocese of Salford are amongst 560 employers across the Northwest (and nearly 7,000 employers nationally) who are committed to improving the living standards of its employees by paying the Real Living Wage. A specially commissioned video celebrating the work of employers, including Caritas and the Diocese, in Salford’s journey to becomming a Living Wage City and including input from Bishop John Arnold will be launched at a webinar event: Rebuilding with Living Wage Places on Tuesday 10th November from 10-11am.

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Mark Wiggin, Director of Caritas Salford, stated: “Caritas and the Diocese of Salford are proud to be members of the Living Wage Foundation. Employers have a moral duty to pay a real living wage to all their employees. The end of Living Wage Week this year coincides with World Day of the Poor. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work is fundamental to the social teaching of the Church and now more than ever, a light is being shone on the huge discrepancies in pay, in particular for those in caring roles who find themselves living in poverty.”

Caritas and the Diocese, both founding members of the Greater Manchester chapter of Citizens UK, are now joining in solidarity with other member organisations of GM Citizens to call for the Real Living Wage to be mandatory for essential care workers in particular, whose “in-work poverty” has been made all too evident by the pandemic.

Pope Francis himself has called for employers to pay the Real Living Wage. In a letter addressing World Popular Movements, he reminded us to “Live Laudato Si do not just quote it. At this unprecedented time of economic hardship, let’s hope more employers find a way to put the principles of Laudato Si’ into practice and avoid “dubious economic reasoning” (#127) by paying the real Living Wage.”

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