Camino to COP26

Camino Coat of Hope arrives in Clitheroe
Members of faith communities and well wishes including parishioners of Our Lady of the Valley gathered today to meet the Caministas who are walking to COP26. Yesterday, the Caministas – a multi-Faith group of about 35 pilgrims – arrived at St. Mary Magdalene’s Parish Hall. They are travelling from London to Glasgow in response to what Pope Francis has called the ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.’ Climate change, through the build-up of carbon gases is destroying the earth, adding to poverty, wars and fuelling migration.
From Clitheroe, the Camino to Cop will continue its journey to Glasgow for Cop 26 – the UN meeting of world leaders to plan how nations are going to tackle climate change. The pilgrims journey aims to share personal, human stories and inspire others to add their voices to the growing global chorus demanding that governments treat the climate crisis as the emergency that it is.
The walkers, an engaging and gentle group of people, are sharing their journey with local communities as they travel north to Glasgow. With them travels the Coat of Hopes that communities on the journey have added to with their own unique patch that represents their hopes that is sewed onto the coat at various stitching stations on the route north.  As patches are added so the coat gets heavier with the stories that connect us all as it travels to COP.
Follow the Camino’s progress at To learn more about climate action in the Diocese of Salford to respect creation visit
Pictured: the artist Barbara Keal and the Coat of Hopes on its way to COP26