Concerns about migration policy in the UK

Bishops’ Conference issue statement on concerns about migration policy in the UK
Following their plenary meeting in Cardiff from the 2 – 6 May 2022, the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales issued a statement on the plight of refugees.
Highlighting Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person, the Bishops expressed concern that the Nationality and Borders Act fails to ‘welcome asylum seekers, treating them justly and honouring their dignity as human persons’.
During a follow up press conference, Cardinal Vincent Nicholas, President of the Bishops’ Conference emphasised the generosity of the British public in response to the Homes for Ukraine scheme in contrast to the delays in processing visa applications.  He also noted the high number of refugees from Afghanistan still accommodated in hotels.
Caritas Salford continue to work to support those seeking to host Ukrainian refugees in their home and provide a range of support to welcome, promote, protect and integrate refugees and asylum seekers in our diocese.
Please click on the following link to download and read the full statement.