Free webinar: Welcoming Classrooms

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Welcoming Classrooms webinar: Promoting and supporting integration and wellbeing of refugee children in schools


Wednesday 25 September at 4pm


Online (with a British Sign Language Interpreter present).  Book your place now: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvd-qrpjoqGdDrSMyVpUh8Xj_sf3Qrko-k

About the webinar:

With much uncertainty and turmoil in the world, the numbers of adults and children seeking a safe place to call home in the North West is more than 18,000 people (statistics from the North West Regional Strategic Migration Partnership and based on March 2023 figures from the UK Government’s asylum dataset).  

To mark World Day of Migrants and Refugees, our charity, in partnership with the Caritas Social Action Network, will be hosting a national webinar aimed at supporting schools as they welcome refugee children into their community.   

The ‘Welcoming classrooms: Promoting and supporting integration and wellbeing of refugee children in schools’ online event will seek to equip school leaders, teachers and other staff with the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively support children who are refugees or seeking asylum.    

By engaging with expert insights and practical strategies, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by children and young people and gain an overview of how to create inclusive, supportive learning environments where every child can thrive.  

The session will also include input from Catherine Gladwell, chief executive of Refugee Education UK, who will outline themes around understanding the nature and extent of the challenges refugee children face in the education system.  She will also share findings from research into policy and practice changes that could lead to better educational outcomes for young refugees, as well as signposting to exciting new professional development resources.   

The event will also touch on additional practical recommendations when dealing with collaboration or engagement with statutory agencies, local authorities, charities and NGOs, as well as the funding of places and meals, and helpful toolkits, training and resources.  

The webinar is aimed at teachers, school leaders, school family support workers, social workers, counsellors, therapists and governors as well as members of the Caritas Social Action Network and diocesan teams from across the UK. Clergy and others involved in supporting people in their local community would also find the session beneficial.  

Book your place now:

Click this link to book your place for the webinar which will take place via Zoom.

We at Caritas, believe that everyone should have opportunity to participate in all activities. This includes people who use our services, employees and volunteers.

Together we will work alongside individuals to find inclusive ways of working that suit them best.  We seek to welcome, integrate, and support the participation of all people by making our projects accessible.  If you face barriers because of your physical, mental and emotional, learning, sensory and/or communications needs, please let us know. 

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